Dear Creative Person,



Trust us, we get it.

As a new or small business owner, you need an inspiring space to work, think, and grow while also keeping it simple. You’re too smart to jump into an expensive lease (and you shouldn’t). But you realize that most coworking spaces are just random assortments of strangers who have nothing in common and rarely have reason to connect or collaborate.

That’s it, thats the part we no likey.

What’s special about Brave Haus is that we’re not-so-secretly run by an agency. We know what types of environments that actually drive innovation because we’ve tested and implemented them for our own team. Quiet, private, and shared space — that’s where we do our best work and we believe you’ll agree. As a member of Brave Haus, you’ll experience tangible cross pollination of ideas and talents because we’ve designed for it. Like-minded people making really special things together (and alone when you want to). That’s the angle.