Questions? Answers.


What are brave haus’s hours?

Members have varying access depending on their plan. Some have 24-7 access but generally, we’re open Monday through Friday, 7am to 7pm. All members are provided with keys and alarm codes for at will access according to their plan.


What types of freelancers and entrepreneurs are in Brave haus?

Our growing community is made up of designers, motion designers, developers, photographers, project managers, freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, small business teams, and some in between.


I’m on the phone a lot. Is that a problem?

It’s a coworking space, which means there’s going to be conversation and people are used to it. With that said, long business calls or more personal calls can be distracting and are best suited for one of the break out rooms.


How much do meeting spaces cost?

Member Rates

  • Free. Boom.

Non-Member Rates

  • Small — 4 Seats, $10/hr

    • With Smart TV

  • Medium — 6 Seats, $15/hr

    • With Smart TV & Video Conferencing


How much does the photo studio space cost to rent?

Week Days

Hourly — $25
Full-Day session — $175



Hourly — $35
Full-Day session — $250


20ft x 20ft space.

  • Use of multi-color backdrops, flash lighting with soft boxes, tripods, reflectors, ample power outlets, wardrobe rack, and misc tools.


What is a Mentor Session and how much does it cost?

A Mentor Session is a 30-60 minute sit down with a Senior Designer, Developer, Photographer, or Business Strategist to literally talk about anything and everything that’s on your mind. Think of it as an educational 1-on-1 where you set the agenda. You’ll gain valuable insights for your career from an experienced in-house resource. Sessions start at $100/hr.


What is a digital directory listing and how much does it cost?

As a community of talented freelancers, solo entrepreneurs and other creatives, we wanted to provide the outside world with a glimpse of who’s under our roof. The Brave Haus Digital Directory is a public database of members and their trades. Advertised on a digital screen facing the street at the front of our space, each member can prominently display their company name and brief description to passers by for $15/mo.


How much does mail handling cost?

Mail Handling is $25/mo and includes sorting in a communal organizer and package acceptance no larger than 10 lbs.